The restaurant itself is a tribute to Southern California heritage and Craftsman architecture, with a metal-strap post-and-beam structure, handcrafted wood-framed windows, stained-glass lanterns and a frieze painted with pine boughs. The layout of the restaurant is also conducive to elegant dining, with several small rooms and plush booths to lend intimacy.

Another highlight of the restaurant is the display of significant works by A.R. Valentien and memorabilia from his estate. Albert R. Valentien was the chief decorator of the renowned Rookwood Pottery in Ohio for more than 20 years before moving to San Diego in 1908. Shortly after, Ellen Browning Scripps commissioned Valentien to paint 1,000 native wildflowers for her private library in La Jolla, a project he completed after 10 years. Following his wildflower studies, Valentien began painting landscapes in the California Impressionist style. His botanical watercolors, renowned for their realism, are perhaps the finest representations of California flora.

A.R. Valentien